Beautiful Brighton

On Monday I really have to go participate in Leo Selivan’s “All about Alliteration”  workshop. Why? Well, first of all because I’m sure it will be absolutely awesome, but most of all because phrases such as fabulous fun filled Fridays, pretty pictures, sweet sunny Sundays, fantastic fun and – you guessed it – Beautiful Brighton keep popping into my mind these days.  Here’s a clip that I think will give you a clue as to why:

iatefl 025

Another reason for participating is that I’ve gotten to know Leo and think his workshop will definitely be worth a visit! Check out Leo’s personal blog here and know that he is also part of the British Council’s Online Blog Team. Check that out here.

A Sweet Sunny Sunday to all….

PS! I did end up going to Leo’s session and it was really good! Here’s a photo of Leo:

iatefl 010