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Hi there fellow bloggers everywhere,

My name is Karin and I am a Norwegian English teacher currently living and teaching full time in a private K-8 school in Turkey (SEV). I’m “married with children” and have been living in beautiful İzmir for 10 + years now.  We love it here and although we go “home” to Norway for holidays every so often, we really do plan on staying in Turkey 4ever!

I am passionate about teaching and learning and I decided to start experimenting with blogging in February. I wanted to keep up with my techno savvy grade 8 students who seem to know “everything” about computers, the internet and technology. To start, I entered the British Council’s Blogathon 2011 competition under the alias of  ”CoffeeAddict” (it was either that or “Chocoholic”). To my surprise and delight, I ended up winning the Gold award, a trip to the IATEFL conference in Brighton! I also “won” a lot of new blogger-friends in the process and I am hoping to continue these friendships, get to know even more people and share and learn together through this new personal blog that I have started here.

Although this whole experiment started out as an edu-blog adventure, I am aiming for my personal blog here to also function a little bit as a running commentary on other aspects of my expat life here in Turkey. Posts about stuff other than teaching and education will be filed under the “Life in Turkey” category.

Happy reading!

xoxo Karin aka CoffeeAddict174420_670360996_7156703_n[1]

14 thoughts on “All About ME

  1. Congratulations Karin!
    YOu did a great work, and deserved the gold medal- so enjoy your trip to Brighton.

    Also, congratulations for setting up a blog!Now, we can all further learn from and share with each other.


  2. Hello CoffeeAddict,
    I’ve been working on my personla blog. At last it’s ready. Lookng forward to seeing you there:)
    merve oflaz

  3. Congratulations, Karin!

    It’s really amazing you won it and I can imagine how motivating it is for you and your blogging!
    See you in Brighton :-)


  4. Thank you all for your kind words! I really can’t wait to go to Brighton and experience the IATEFL!

    xoxo CoffeeAddict

  5. Hi Karin — have you always lived in the Izmir area. I’m wondering if you get an opportunity to travel around the rest of Turkey during your holidays?

    thanks, Jay

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  7. Congratulations on winning the Gold award!

    I observed a comment that you made on Tony Wagner’s site about how similar Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are but yet Finland scores much higher than the others on the PISA tests. Could you share with me some of your insights as to why this is?

    Thank you!

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