Sunday Voki Fun


One of my new friends from the Learning Technologies course I’ve been taking told me about Voki and insisted I’d enjoy it. She was right! Thank you Kadriye! Fun and definitely entertaining! I couldn’t change the color of my eyebrows and the avatar refuses to smile – plus the voice gives me a rather psycho-vibe. However, one thing is certain; my grade 8s will love this! Now all I have to do is come up with a plan for how to use it … Does anyone out there have any voki lesson-plan ideas to share? Please & thanks!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Voki Fun

  1. I am glad you’ve tried and liked it. It was this website I was talking about last week. I also mentioned it in one of the course forums about a month ago. Grade 8s would definately find it fun and you would get them write with no trouble!!!

  2. Kadriye, thank you! – Also, thank you for reading my blog and leaving a comment! It is much appreciated! Now that “Learning Technologies” is over we have to find another course to do together – have you considered the Moodle Smarter Course by the Consultants E? Would be fun to do that together!

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